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Our Maine Alpaca Farm

How Misty Acres Alpaca Farm Started

The journey to becoming alpaca farmers was "Karma".  My wife and I would often drive by a small alpaca farm when visiting family.  We would ponder and discuss reasons why people would raise alpacas during our drives. We soon found out as we were more formally introduced to alpacas, their history, and value at a local fair.

Our research about alpacas continued through visits to local alpaca farms and learning more about this amazing animal.  One day we stopped by our favorite small alpaca farm and, to our surprise, they were selling their alpacas.  We couldn’t turn down the opportunity so … we became alpaca farmers.

The intricacies and fun of alpaca farming can be intoxicating. The time spent with the alpacas is rewarding and relaxing. Each animal has its own personality and relationship with us.

The excitement of planning reproduction and breeding for elite fleece, color, and genetics is challenging and requires a lot of knowledge about animal genetics. After waiting for nearly 11.5 months of gestation, we are blessed with a healthy newborn cria, whose color and fiber are often a great surprise. We pride ourselves on breeding first class alpacas from exceptional genetics.

Our newly built barn is expansive and flexible with pastures connected to three sides of the barn, which allows us to care for our alpacas from the center of the barn. We find our extended family gravitating to our alpaca farm.

Our nieces have become connoisseurs of many aspects of alpaca farming. They not only shovel, clean, train, and show our alpacas, but can spend hours on their knees in the pasture just watching and interacting with the alpacas. Alpacas seem to cause and promote social interaction with neighbors as well.

Visitors become infatuated with alpacas during the open farm days that we have throughout the year. We are happy to share our knowledge with anyone interested or curious about alpacas. Not only are we pleased to have developed our alpaca sense but have embarked on a journey which includes new relationships we would never have experienced.

It is difficult to find adequate words to describe the alpaca farm experience. It has been wonderful, fulfilling, and exciting. Our services include alpaca breeding, sales, and fiber products. We provide excellent support and follow-up for purchasing customers and our doors are open to those interested in learning about alpacas.

We would encourage anyone who is even remotely interested or curious to pursue and gather information about alpacas. Alpacas could become your rewarding future as well.

Charlie Laliberte


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