Address: 3071 West River Rd., Sidney, ME 04220
Phone: 207-370-4494
Hours: 10am to 4pm daily

About Misty Acres Alpaca

About Misty Acres Alpaca Store & Farm

Misty Acres Alpaca is all about alpacas: from our retail store with fine alpaca products to breeding champion alpacas on our farm in central Maine.  

Our Store and Products

Many of the products we sell are made from fleece from our own Maine-raised alpacas.  Some of our products are manufactured entirely in Maine from our fibers.  These products will be identified as “Direct from Misty Acres Alpaca” on our website and on our product tags. 

Other products are made from our Maine fiber or a cooperating alpaca farm and manufactured by various companies in the USA.  Some of our sock line may be manufactured in Canada. Country of manufacture will be indicated on the website.

A selection of our products are produced and manufactured in Peru, the home country for alpaca farming and clothing. 

Our Farm

We are a full-service alpaca farm and do all the work needed to care for our alpacas, including birthing, medications, shearing crias, weaning, halter training, and “hands-on” to promote and reinforce personal human contact.

We pride ourselves in having calm and enjoyable animals. Our doors are open to those interested in learning about alpacas. Please come to visit to see this all-encompassing operation in action. 

Our farm is open to visitors Monday – Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm.  Please call in advance for large groups.

We Support The Nunoa Project and Peruvian Alpaca Farmers

Alpaca farming was started in Peru hundreds of years ago and had migrated to North America in more recent years.  To give back to the country of Peru for the gift of the alpacas to the US and other counties, Misty Acres Alpaca sends a portion of our profits to The Nunoa Project.

The Nunoa Project is made up of like-minded members of the alpaca community who provide support to the people, children, and animals of Peru.  The Nunoa Project offers humanitarian aid for the townspeople and veterinary support for alpacas in Nunoa, Peru.  The Nunoa Project strives to establish sustainable programs to support underprivileged children and farm families, veterinary assistance for livestock and tourism for the Nunoa area.  To learn more about The Nunoa Project, please see their