Address: 3071 West River Rd., Sidney, ME 04220
Phone: 207-370-4494
Hours: 10am to 4pm daily

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At Misty Acres Alpaca, we pride ourselves with offering some of the finest alpaca clothing and home goods available at a fair price. All the merchandise we offer has been specially selected to meet our high standards for quality and durability. Experience the ultra-softness and superior warmth of alpaca clothing for yourself.

Our “Direct from Misty Acres Alpaca” Clothing and Home Goods

These products are made from the fleece of our very own Maine alpacas. Since the amount of fleece we produce is limited, our selection and quantities are also limited. Our products may include socks, blankets, mittens, hats and are manufactured in the U.S.A. or Canada.

Our NEAFP Clothing and Home Goods


We offer merchandise from New England Alpaca Fiber Products (NEAFP) such as felt innersoles, socks, driving gloves and mittens. These products are manufactured in the USA from fiber purchased from American alpaca farmers. Some of the fleece from Misty Acres Alpaca and from neighboring Maine farms are used in the products produced by NEAFP.

Our Peruvian Clothing

Since Misty Acres Alpaca supports Peruvian Alpaca farmers, we also offer clothing made in Peru. This is high-quality clothing designed to be beautiful, warm and long-lasting. Each piece will enhance your wardrobe for years to come.

Our Location

Our store carries a wide-variety of alpaca clothing that you can try on and purchase. The store is in Sidney, Maine on the shores of the Kennebec River and overlooks the pasture where our alpacas graze. For Directions, please see our Visit Us page.

Our Mobile Store

Look for our mobile store at fairs and events throughout Maine, New England and New York. While our mobile store is limited in size, our selection is usually broad. If we don’t have a size or the clothing you want at the event, please let us know. We may be able to ship it to you from our location in Sidney, Maine.